Our Plan

Smart Land Use:

  • Implement a new land use vision that addresses existing traffic burdens, recognizes environmental and historic priorities, and protects open space
  • Reasonably limit the scope of future development through strict adherence to existing ordinances and comprehensive zoning revisions
  • Resolve long-standing storm-water management issues throughout the Township, and work with the County to expedite road repairs


  • Creatively use open space funds to limit development and preserve existing ecosystems
  • Reduce or eliminate reliance on single-use plastics and foam products
  • Transition to clean and renewable energy sources for all Township uses


  • Balance the need to fund critical community priorities with the goal of keeping taxes low
  • Facilitate resident participation in public meetings through effective notice and information sharing
  • Enhance all modes of communication (website, social media, and Whitemarsh TV) to provide residents timely access to information

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